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Orthodontics is the specialty of Dental Medicine responsible for the study, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dentofacial alterations, which can have several origins.


It can usually be associated with misaligned or spacing teeth, protracted or retracted teeth. These situations can cause problems at the level of the gums, increased susceptibility to dental caries due to difficulty in hygiene, problems of the temporomandibular joint, difficulty chewing or even speech, in addition to problems of self-esteem since it can compromise the aesthetics of the smile and face.


Orthodontic treatment can solve these situations, returning a functional harmony and a beautiful and confident smile.


The Invisalign® system consists of an effective, virtually invisible and removable aligner system that allows for greater comfort and better hygiene. The use of this type of treatment allows a smaller number of visits to the dentist during treatment, and fewer urgent situations associated with conventional orthodontic treatments.


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